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Frequently Asked Questions

MP3 Download Help

Human Media
MP3 Download Help

Having trouble downloading your MP3? Review these tips sent in by listeners, and if none of them work, please help us out by using the handy Contact Form so we can improve our service.

MP3 Refunds

Due to the nature of digital data, it is nearly impossible to confirm that downloaded MP3s have not been used, copied or shared. We can not refund MP3 purchases.

In most cases, any problem downloading and saving the MP3 is due to the way your browser has been set to handle MP3 files... it may want to play them in a "preferred media" player or plug-in, when in fact you'd prefer to download them, a subtle but important difference.

To manually set the application which launches for MP3s:

See note below.

Mac OS X:

Select any MP3 file on your computer. Then choose the. File menu --> Get Info (or just command-I). Then open the tab "open with". You can set this change for all files of type "MP3".

Mac OS 9:

Go to Apple Menu-->Control Panels--> Internet.
Go to Edit Menu--> User Mode. Select "Advanced." Click "OK."
The last tab in the "Internet" window should now be "Advanced." Click on it, and check out "Helper Apps" and "File Mappings."
Here you can set the application you'd like to launch when an MP3 is downloaded.


PROBLEM: File saves, but is named download.php or playem.php or playem.mpga and won't open in iTunes or Windows Media Player (or other player).

Rename the file to something ending in .mp3 such as humankind.mp3 so that the player will recognize it as an MP3 file. In Windows or Mac OS-X, you may need to set your preferences to "show file extensions" or "show file types" if you don't see files that end in .mp3. (Windows: Go to the Tools: Folder Options menu, click the File types tab and un-check "Hide extensions for known file types".)


PROBLEM: File keeps opening up in a player rather than something I can download.

Try hitting the Cancel button (1) at the top of your browser. Then, look for a Tools menu for "Downloads" or "Download Manager" and open that window (2), keeping your main browser window open at the same time. Click and hold on the icon next to the URL in the "Location" field of your browser, then DRAG to the Download Manager window (3). You may have to jockey your windows around to see both at the same time. If prompted to name the file, make sure it ends in .mp3


I get this message:
There seems to be some sort of trouble with your authentication."

This means that probably your access to the MP3 file has expired. We have set the limit at 10 days from the purchase date.


The file takes a really long time to download.

MP3 files are typically rather huge, and because we care about the audio quality, we save them with only moderate compression. If you are on dial-up via a phone modem, you may find that the time it takes to download actually exceeds the length of the audio you're downloading.


The file opens and plays in Safari, but how do I save it?

Make sure the entire file has downloaded (typically indicated by the progress bar of a Quicktime movie, or, if you've listened to it completely, then it's completely downloaded.)

Use the menu File: Save As... and save it that way. Make sure you name the file with .mp3 so that it will be recognized by media players. (Safari tends to want to name it ending in .mpga which may or may not work, depending on your system configuration.)


How do I change the preferred media player in Windows?

Go to the Start Menu, look for Settings: Control Panel menu, then open the Folder Options icon. Cllick the File types tab and select the MP3 extension in the list. You can click the Change button and select another program. The screen shot here shows that iTunes is the preferred player, but Windows will offer you other options. when you click the Change button.


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