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Program #  Title
Demagogues 250 Demagogues
Pultizer Prize-winning historian Gordon Wood discusses how the founders of America intended to thwart the ascendance of demagogues in the fledgling democracy they were building. (Series: Humankind)
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The Way of Tao 229,230 The Way of Tao
Jonathan Star took twelve years to master the nuances of ancient Chinese in his quest to produce a remarkably lucid and evocative English translation of Lao Tsu's brilliant masterpiece of wisdom. Guidance in the subtle art of attaining mental and emotional balance pervades Star's brilliant translation of Lao Tsu's timeless poetic volume of Taoist philosophy on how to lead a centered life. (Series: Humankind)
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Books to Prisoners 247 Books to Prisoners
The Prisoners Literature Project, an all-volunteer service based in Berkeley, California, packages and ships books to people who are incarcerated, as a humanitarian gesture and one that helps inmates prepare for re-entry into society. (Series: Humankind)
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Healing Our Divided Lives 216 Healing Our Divided Lives
We hear about the dilemma of people whose inner conscience creates conflict with the demands of their workplace, from Parker Palmer, founder of the Center for Courage and Renewal and popular author of 'Let Your Life Speak'. (Series: Humankind)
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Chaplains 169 Chaplains
Facing a personal crisis, hospital patients and their loved ones often receive needed emotional support from a quiet army of chaplains, who are skilled at empathetic listening to people gripped by difficult and confusing emotions. (Series: Humankind)
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Justice Denied 183, 188 Justice Denied
In this documentary 'Justice Denied', we explore how federal courts enforced fugitive slave laws. Historians, actors and legal scholars re-create the famous case of a young escaped slave who was sent back by a Boston judge, provoking America's largest abolitionist protest. Pulitzer Prize-winning Lincoln historian Eric Foner chronicles the Dred Scott decision (often derided as the Supreme Court's worst ruling), which held that black people have "no rights" and aggravated tensions between north and south, setting the stage for the bloody Civil War. (Series: Humankind)
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The Diet-Climate Connection 181,182,184,185 The Diet-Climate Connection
The most climate-friendly foods are also healthy and tasty! (Series: Humankind)
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Conscientious Objectors 215 Conscientious Objectors
Peace historian Scott Bennett examines the history, a century ago, of U.S. conscientious objectors in World War One, some of whom were brutalized for their opposition to the Great War (includes fascinating archival audio). (Series: Humankind)
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