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The Relaxation Response The Relaxation Response When Dr. Herbert Benson introduced this simple, effective, mind/body approach to relieve stress in The Relaxation Response twenty-five years ago, the book became an instant national bestseller. Since that time, millions of people have learned the secret of the relaxation response--without high-priced lectures, drugs, or prescription medicine. The tremendous success of this approach has turned The Relaxation Response into the classic reference recommended by most health care professionals and authorities to treat the harmful effects of stress.

This revitalizing, therapeutic approach, discovered by Dr. Benson and his colleagues in the laboratories of Harvard Medical School and its teaching hospitals, is now routinely recommended to treat patients suffering from heart conditions, high blood pressure, chronic pain, insomnia, and many other physical ailments. Requiring only minutes to learn, and just ten to twenty minutes of practice twice a day, the Relaxation Response has proven to be one of the most effective ways to relieve the tensions of modern-day living for a richer, healthier, more productive life.
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The Promise: How One Woman Made Good on Her Extraordinary Pact The Promise: How One Woman Made Good on Her Extraordinary Pact What she shows is that if a woman who makes less than 50k a year can set aside money for twelve years to send a couple dozen kids to college, then a huge number of Americans can and should try to do the same. What if a handful of citizens in a given city/town/village/community were to set up a foundation like she did, and raise money to put next years first grade class thru college in twelve years?
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Internet Addiction Internet Addiction This study reports the results of a meta-analysis of empirical studies on Internet addiction.
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The Lost Art of Healing The Lost Art of Healing The real crisis in medicine today is not about economics, insurance, or managed care--it's about the loss of the fundamental human relationship between doctor and patient. In this wise and passionate book, one of our most eminent physicians reacquaints us with a classic notion often overlooked in modern medicine: health care with a human face, in which the time-honored art of healing guides doctors in their approach to patient care and their use of medical technology.

Drawing on four decades of practice as a cardiologist and a vast knowledge of literature and medical history, Dr. Lown probes the heart and soul of the doctor-patient relationship. Insightful and accessible to all, The Lost Art of Healing describes how true healers use sympathetic listening and touch to hone their diagnostic skills, how language affects the perception of illness, how doctors and patients can cultivate a relationship of trust, and how patients can obtain the most complete and beneficial care through a combination of healing techniques and conventional practices.

As Dr. Lown explains, the art of healing does not mean abandoning the spectacular advances of modern science, but rather incorporating them into a sensitive, humane, enlightened approach to medical care. With its urgent message and poignant, fascinating vignettes, The Lost Art of Healing is a book of vital, universal importance.
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Is Canada the Right Model for a Better US Health Care System? Is Canada the Right Model for a Better US Health Care System? Some Pros and Cons of Canadian Medicare
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The Guardian The Guardian Read Georges Benjamin, MD, Executive Director of the American Public Health Association, on why the problem of gun violence should be approached as we would an outbreak of infectious disease:
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Less is More: Embracing Simplicity for a Healthy Planet... Less is More: Embracing Simplicity for a Healthy Planet... People are afraid and anxious. We're destroying the planet, undermining happiness, and clinging to an unsustainable economy. Our obsessive pursuit of wealth isn't working.

But there's another way. Less can be More. Throughout history wise people have argued that we need to live more simply-that only by limiting outer wealth can we have inner wealth. Less is More is a compelling collection of essays by people who have been writing about simplicity for decades. They bring us a new vision of Less: less stuff, less work, less stress, less debt. A life with Less becomes a life of More: more time, more satisfaction, more balance, and more security.

When we have too much, we savor nothing. When we choose less, we regain our life and can think and feel deeply. Ultimately, a life of less connects us with one true source of happiness: being part of a caring community. Less is More shows how to turn individual change into a movement that leads to policy changes in government and corporate behavior, work hours, the wealth gap, and sustainability. It will appeal to those who want to take back their lives, their planet, and their well-being.

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We're All Doing Time We're All Doing Time Often called "The Convict's Bible," this book is also relevant and important to any spiritual seeker. Interfaith wisdom, divided into 3 sections: The Big View describes Bo and Sita Lozoff's life of activism and spiritual exploration. Getting Free is a section of detailed instruction in classic spiritual practices. Dear Bo is correspondence between Bo and dozens of the inmates he has challenged, encouraged, and loved. This is an amazing book, which has moved people to great extremes. It has been translated into 5 languages.
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Heartsongs Heartsongs Now available in hardcover, a special gift edition with 16 pages of new poems and illustrations, the national bestseller that introduced millions of people to Mattie J.T. Stepanek.

About the Author:
Mattie J.T. Stepanek has made several appearances on Oprah, and has also been a guest on Good Morning America, Prime Time Live, National Public Radio, and Book TV, and has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, and People.
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Pushing Back at Bullying Pushing Back at Bullying New York Times Article about new anti bullying program ''Names Can Really Hurt Us.''
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Letters from Young Activists: Today's Rebels Speak Out Letters from Young Activists: Today's Rebels Speak Out Meet the bold new generation of activists. Aged ten to thirty-one, these diverse authors are helping remake the world. They are atheist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim.... This book features work by Rhodes Scholar Chesa Boudin.
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Life Is Short: Wear Your Party Pants Life Is Short: Wear Your Party Pants Loretta La Roche has helped millions of people find ways to lighten up and overcome stress. Now, in Life Is Short--Wear Your Party Pants, she gives you the tools you need to not only reduce feelings of tension, but also to bring joy, passion, and gusto into your life. Her techniques are a brilliant blend of old-world common sense and the most contemporary research in brain chemistry, psychology, and mind-body studies. Loretta gives you dozens of proven techniques for recognizing the ten simple truths that will lead you to an intense, happy, successful life: resilience, living in the moment, optimism, acceptance, humor, creativity, moderation, responsibility, meaning, and connection. Loretta's wisdom evolved from her own life--one filled with the demands of being a single mother of three; of starting her own business when she was broke; and of the wacky invasiveness of her Italian family. She's like all of us: real, flawed, stressed out, and on edge. Her magic comes from an ability to not take herself too seriously, and to always shift her focus away from the self-destructive and toward the truly important things in life.
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The Samueli Institute The Samueli Institute Learn more from the Samueli Institute's podcast, On Human Flourishing:
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Leaving Microsoft to Save the World Leaving Microsoft to Save the World John Wood discovered his passion, his greatest success, and his life's work--not at business school or leading Microsoft's charge into Asia in the 1990s--but on a soul-searching trip to the Himalayas. Wood felt trapped between an all-consuming career and a desire to do something lasting and significant. Stressed from the demands of his job, he took a vacation trekking in Nepal because a friend had told him, "If you get high enough in the mountains, you can't hear Steve Ballmer yelling at you anymore."
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Emotional Intelligence Emotional Intelligence In today's fast-paced world of competitive workplaces and turbulent economic conditions, each of us is searching for effective tools that can help us to manage, adapt, and strike out ahead of the pack. By now, emotional intelligence (EQ) needs little introduction--it's no secret that EQ is critical to your success. But knowing what EQ is and knowing how to use it to improve your life are two very different things. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 delivers a step-by-step program for increasing your EQ .
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The Gifts of Caregiving The Gifts of Caregiving In this book, caregivers share their stories of caring for an ill, aging, or disabled loved one. Includes interviews with:
  • Dana Reeve (wife of actor Christopher Reeve)
  • Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter
  • Pulitzer Prize-winning author Studs Terkel
  • Spiritual leader Ram Dass
    and others whose lives were forever changed by the caregiving experience.
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  • Encore Careers Encore Careers Encore careers combine personal fulfillment, social impact and continued income, enabling people to put their passion to work for the greater good.
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    Global Security Institute Global Security Institute Dedicated to strengthening international cooperation and security based on the rule of law, with a particular focus on nuclear arms control, non-proliferation and disarmament. GSI was founded by Senator Alan Cranston whose insight that nuclear weapons are impractical, unacceptably risky, and unworthy of civilization continues to inspire GSI's efforts to contribute to a safer world. GSI has developed an exceptional team that includes former heads of state and government, distinguished diplomats, effective politicians, committed celebrities, religious leaders, Nobel Peace Laureates, disarmament and legal experts, and concerned citizens.
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    Harvard Magazine profile of Teny Gross Harvard Magazine profile of Teny Gross David C. grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. With no father around and a drug-addicted mother, he moved through foster homes, gathering a fragile sense of worth from a gang of friends. "All I aspired to was being important on the street," he says. "There was nothing about a future." He spent five years in juvenile detention and a few in prison, and still has a reputation among local cops for living up to his nickname, "Devious," for once escaping through the police-station roof.....
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    Front Row at the White House: My Life and Times Front Row at the White House: My Life and Times Born in 1920, Helen Thomas was one of United Press International's very few female journalists for years. She promoted herself to UPI's White House Press Corps in 1960 ("I just started showing up every day") and has reported on eight administrations. Her episodic, old-fashioned autobiography contains anecdotes about each president, their first ladies, and their staff. Her stories are often funny, and she doesn't mind when the joke's on her: "Isn't there a war somewhere we can send her to?" Colin Powell inquired after being buttonholed at a party; President Carter's mother said the greatest lesson she learned in 80 years was, "Never to open my mouth around Helen Thomas." She's also fair: even the press secretaries get balanced treatment, though Thomas criticizes the White House's growing efforts to "manage" the news.
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    The Green Economy The Green Economy As the "ecological crisis nears the boiling point," human rights activist and environmental leader Van Jones lays out a visionary, meticulous and practical explanation of the two major challenges the U.S. currently faces-massive socioeconomic inequality and imminent ecological catastrophe-and how the current third wave of environmentalism, the "investment" wave, can solve both.

    Rife with statistics, facts and history lessons, Jones introduces a "Green New Deal," a re-imagining of FDR's original New Deal that makes the government "a partner" (as opposed to a "nanny" or "bully") of the people, and sets about defining the principles of a "smart, supportive, reliable" partnership.
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    Sudden Awakening Sudden Awakening An enlightened Teacher opens a new path to direct self-inquiry. --H.R. McGonigal

    Eli s profound teaching of the Enneagram is a support for true self-investigation. His model of the ego is useful for all seekers after truth. He shows the traps of mind and the possibility of waking up from the trance of suffering. --Gangaji

    From Fixation to Freedom: The Enneagram of Liberation is aptly named. Eli Jaxon-Bear has written a warm, engrossing book on the process of seeing through the veils. Readers sincerely seeking to use the Enneagram as part of their spiritual journey will be well-served by the wit and wisdom on these pages. --Russ Hudson & Don Richard Riso
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    Possible Lives Possible Lives After spending four years visiting public schools throughout the U.S., Mike Rose presents stories of the dedicated teachers and inspired classrooms he encountered.
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    Let There Be Peace on Earth Let There Be Peace on Earth

    Ordering through our Amazon link helps provide funding for this website.

    Now available for the first time as a picture book, featuring exquisite illustrations by Caldecott Medal winner David Diaz, this enduring message of hope and peace can live in the hearts and minds of generations to come.

    From the Publisher
    * Caldecott Medal-winning artist.
    * Includes CD with a previously unreleased version of "Let There Be Peace on Earth," plus 10 more of the authors'songs.
    * Art features symbols of peace from 12 regions of the world.
    * Ideal gift for the holiday season which includes sheet music, guide to peace symbols from around the world, biographical back matter, and color photographs.

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    Gringo: A Coming of Age in Latin America Gringo: A Coming of Age in Latin America Gringo charts two journeys, both of which began a decade ago. The first is the sweeping transformation of Latin American politics that started with Hugo Chávez's inauguration as president of Venezuela in 1999. In that same year, an eighteen-year-old Chesa Boudin leaves his middle-class Chicago life -- which is punctuated by prison visits to his parents, who were incarcerated when he was fourteen months old for their role in a politically motivated bank truck robbery -- and arrives in Guatemala. He finds a world where disparities of wealth are even more pronounced and where social change is not confined to classroom or dinner-table conversations, but instead takes place in the streets. While a new generation of progress-ive Latin American leaders rises to power, Boudin crisscrosses twenty-seven countries throughout the Americas. He witnesses the economic crisis in Buenos Aires; works inside Chávez's Miraflores palace in Caracas; watches protestors battling police on September 11, 2001, in Santiago; descends into ancient silver mines in Potosí; and travels steerage on a riverboat along the length of the Amazon. He rarely takes a plane when a fifteen-hour bus ride in the company of unfettered chickens is available.
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    Wit and Wisdom from Poor Richard's Almanack Wit and Wisdom from Poor Richard's Almanack "If you want the brutal truth, I did not expect to get much useful information out of Poor Richard's Almanack. I wondered, what could Benjamin Franklin--a guy who has been, no offense, dead for more than two hundred years--possibly have to say that would be relevant to a resident of today's dot-com world? Plenty, as it turns out."--from the Introduction by Dave Barry

    A wonderful book of sayings that espouse Ben Franklin's views on life. In general, he was an advocate of honesty, hard work, moderation in all indulgences, and being a good person. While these may sound like simple principles, the wittiness and cleverness with which they are presented make them memorable and therefore useful.
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    26 items • Click on the program title for more information. Result Pages:  1 

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