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Drug-Proofing Your Children[Program DP]
Drug-Proofing Your Children

"Children need quiet time to play and to reflect on all the many stimuli they are running up against in this world."

Mister Rogers, PBS-TV

Today's young parents grew up in a time of widespread drug experimentation, but now face new responsibilities in raising and protecting their own children. Going beyond simplistic slogans like "just say no," this program offers a thoughtful guide for caring parents. (Teachers, grandparents and other adults with children in their lives may also find this program beneficial.) Pediatrician Berry Brazelton, prevention educator Helen Martin, TV's Mr. Rogers and others discuss when to bring up the subject of drugs, whether one's own experiences with drugs should be revealed, and similar topics. Hear sensible suggestions from experts in parenting and substance abuse prevention.

45-minute program

Total time: ~45 minutes

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