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"Relaxed Focus" with David Allen[Program 94,95]
\"Relaxed Focus\" with David Allen
  • What actually causes the sense of being "overloaded"?
  • What practical steps can help us sort out all the inputs coming at us?
  • What does it feel like to tie up loose ends and be free of worry?
  • How does attaining relaxed focus clarify your daily decisions?

"The biggest problem for most people... is their addiction to that level of stress. They're not uncomfortable enough with that stuff banging around in their head and that sense of overwhelm."

--David Allen

Programs #94 & 95 Summary: How can we deal with the modern sense of feeling overloaded? It is emerging as a broad social problem that takes its toll on both worklife and homelife -- and can impinge on our ability to function with personal clarity.

Called "the feeling of overwhelm" by best-selling author David Allen, this is about more than just a bursting backlog of unanswered emails, or yet another cell phone interruption. It is about new ways we all can learn to focus -- in an age of ever-multiplying inputs of information. And it raises the question of what we are focusing on, from routine daily tasks to the big picture of life's meaning.

In this provocative profile of David Allen, we hear the sounds of communications technology coming at us, and later we stroll through the peaceful garden in Ojai, California where for him "time disappears." We also hear how he brilliantly defines the widespread problem of "overwhelm" along with very practical solutions that can increase relaxation for everyone.

More information can be found at the site below:

David Allen's website

Total time: 1 Hour

For more information, please visit this webpage.

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