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bh-01aBest of Humankind, Vol. 1
 bh-02aBest of Humankind, Vol. 2
 Series OverviewHumankind Public Radio
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 Free Print Materials
 Humankind »  198,199,201,202The Search for Well-Being
 189After Effects of War with Christal Presley
 103Aging Gracefully
 30Ahmed Kathrada
 208,209Alexander Keyssar: Voting rights and the Civil War (15 mins)
 139, 140American Resilience
 233An Attitude of Gratitude
 126, 127Answering The Need
 206Avoiding Burnout with David Allen
 71Barbara Ehrenreich
 119, 120Barely Getting By: Stories of America's Working Poor
 23Bernard Lown: The Lost Art of Healing
 62, 63Beyond War: Part 1
 64, 65Beyond War: Part 2
 67, 68Beyond War: Part 3
 78Bill Siemering: Radio Bridges
 121Bo Lozoff
 191Bob Massie's Survival Story
 179Bolder Giving
 247Books to Prisoners
 214Brain Surgeon's Journey
 197Breaking the Cycle
 10Building Community with Millard Fuller
 73,74Catching Up with Granny D
 14Cathrine Sneed: The Garden Project
 Walking through the Storm (Complete Series, 5 CDs)
 105, 106Checks and Balances
 87,88Children Left Behind
 27Children's Advocate Jonathan Kozol
 215, 217The Christmas Truce
 145Civilians: Bearing the Brunt of War
 181The Climate-Friendly Food Guide
 48Collegiate Community Service
 193Community Food Bank
 178Compassionate Friends
 19Conflict Resolution with Tajae Gaynor
 59Connie Goldman
 215Conscientious Objectors
 49Count Your Blessings
 144Culture of Distraction
 32Darrell Scott
 252Defending the Poor
 41Different Drummers
 11A Different Sort of Food
 165Digital Sabbath
 187Dignity with Donna Hicks
 132, 133Doctors' Movement to Avert Nuclear War
 238Doing The Right Thing
 254,255Dorothy Day
 128, 129Dreaming of America Pts. 1 & 2
 89Eli Jaxon-Bear
 137Encore Careers
 22End of Life Dialogues
 237Epidemic of Gun Violence
 3Equal Ground
 192Escape Fire with Matt Heineman
 218Facing the Unthinkable
 44,45Family Health Care
 208,209Faye Dudden: Women's suffrage in America (16 mins)
 77Frances Moore Lappe
 25Free Time Movement: Rabbi Waskow and Will O'Brien
 15Freeing Modern-Day Slaves
 51Freeing the Innocent with Rob Warden
 196Generous Giving
 4Giving Back
 54Giving Circle
 136Giving Youth a Voice
 148The Good Classroom with Mike Rose
 113Green Congregations
 135The Green Economy
 52Haley House
 84Harlem Renaissance
 216Healing Our Divided Lives
 6Healing the Wounds of War
 134Healthy Planet, Healthy People
 194High School Pressure-Cooker
 26High School Tolerance and Optimism
 223High Stakes Testing
 130Holistic Nurses
 253Home Cooking
 242Homeless Students
 173,174Hope in Action
 142Horizons of Attention with David Allen
 13Humble Recovery
 186The Illumination of Rumi with Michael Green
 CJIn Search of Global Justice
 171Income Inequality
 151,152An Informed Republic
 96Inner Calm for Health
 66Inner Calm for Stressed Schools
 155Janet Connors
 72Jim Hightower
 38JoBeth Walt
 138Journey of the Deaf-Blind
 33Julie Goschalk
 183, 188Justice Denied
 246Karen Armstrong's Compassion Campaign
 70Katie Davis
 35Let There Be Peace on Earth
 176Living Fully With Illness
 90Loretta La Roche
 158Lovingkindness with Sharon Salzberg
 190Maestro Barenboim's Peace Mission
 203Maintaining Focus with Daniel Goleman
 146Managing Pain
 221Marathon Justice
 58Mattie Stepanek
 56,57The Meaning of America with Ken Burns (Parts 1 & 2)
 210Medicine's River of Meaning with Rachel Remen
 111, 112Meeting Hate with Love: Stories of King and Gandhi
 153Mia Farrow
 195Mindful Learning with Congressman Tim Ryan
 16Mindful Parenting
 104Mister Joe
 12Modern Wisdom from an Ancient Sage
 143Moments of Truth with Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen
 46Moral Force and International Law
 234Mothers Out Front
 208,209Myrna Perez: Voting rights & felon disenfranchisement (12 mins)
 37Neale Donald Walsch
 100Nonviolent Communication
 157Nurturing Moral Development in Children
 75, 76An Optimist in Spite of All: Helen Keller
 99Oral Lee Brown
 168Our Food Footprint
 227Parenting as a Path
 161, 162, 163, 164Passengers
 5Peace Camp
 31Peace-building with Louise Diamond
 39Playwrights Becoming Free
 228Power of Concentration
 231,232,235,236,244,245,2The Power of Nonviolence
 156Practicing Prevention
 53Preventing Nuclear War
 125Protecting Childhood
 258,259Public Options
 211, 212Radioactive
 172Reclaiming the Holidays
 94,95"Relaxed Focus" with David Allen
 222Remembering Anthony DeMello
 219, 220, 240, 241Resilient Nurses
 34Reuben Martinez, The Literary Barber
 20Reverend Ray Hammond
 40Reverend Steve Shick
 175Reversal of Fortune with John Robbins
 208, 209The Right to Vote
 79Road to Recovery
 91Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
 150Room to Read
 166, 167Rubin Carter's Hurricane
 81Second Chances
 109Self-Fulfilling Prophecies with David Allen
 108Sid Caesar
 226Silent Power of Fasting
 114Sobriety High
 154Solutions to Bullying
 28South Carroll High: Part 1--Voluntary service and tolerance
 29South Carroll High: Part 2--Moms support schools teaching values
 141Spiritual but not Religious
 224,225Steps to Recovery
 Stressed-Out Students
 80Sufi Wisdom
 2Teaching from Within
 85, 86Teaching Nonviolence
 200The Clash of Science and Ethics
 251The Common Good
 181,182,184,185The Diet-Climate Connection
 256,257The Final Chapter
 207The Philosopher of Finance with John C. Bogle
 239The Placebo Effect
 204, 205The Practice of Forgiveness with Robin Casarjian
 123, 124The Present Moment with Jon Kabat-Zinn
 122The Science of Gratitude
 131The Social Brain
 243The Society of Friends
 229,230The Way of Tao
 55Thich Nhat Hanh
 36Tracy Gary
 177Tree-Lined Streets
 147Tucker Stilley
 82,83The Unabomber's Brother
 42,43Uncommon Ground: Part 1 & 2
 8Unconditional Love
 170Unintended Consequences
 117, 118A Union of Citizens
 115, 116Universal Health Care Pts 1 & 2
 180Upholding Human Rights with David Scheffer
 107Urban Naturalist
 21"Visionaries" with Bill Mosher
 110Waking Up In Jail
 17War, Peace & Human Rights with Benjamin Ferencz
 9Waste and Want
 50William Ury
 47Wisdom of Proverbs
 159Words of War and Peace with Cynthia Wachtell
 160Worry Solution
 18YES! Camp
 Part of Kindred Spirits »  KS3-6bBereavement
 KS4-5bBusiness Ethics
 KS4-4abChildren of One Family
 KS2-5aChoosing Love Over Fear
 KS3-5aConfidence vs. Cancer
 KS2-3bDaisy Newman
 KS2-4aDialogue with a Sufi Master
 KS2-4bEcstatic Poetry of the Heart
 KS3-3bThe Gift of Patience
 KS3-4bGreat Questions
 KS4-1aHelping Hands
 KS1-4aA Human Family Album
 KS3-5bHuman Growth in Old Age
 KS1-5abIslam's Hidden Beauty
 KS2-3aJames Dillet Freeman
 KS2-6aJournalists of the Soul
 KS1-4bLao Tsu's Way of Life
 KS3-1aLaughter is Good Medicine
 KS1-3bA Letter from Unity Village
 KS1-2abA Living Silence
 KS1-3aLost Christianity
 KS4-2bMartin Luther King's Spiritual Journey
 KS2-2aA Meditation by Howard Thurman
 KS1-1bThe Monk Within Each of Us
 KS2-6bMr. Rogers
 KS4-6abOn Reaching Agreement
 KS4-5aThe Opening of a Mosque
 KS3-4aOwner's Manual for the Human Being
 KS4-2aThe Quaker Conscience
 KS3-6aReflections on Dying
 KS4-1bSchool for Compassion
 KS3-2bSpecial Children
 KS2-1bThe Spiritual Immune System
 KS4-3aSpiritual Lessons from Family Life
 KS3-3aSurviving Auschwitz through Faith
 KS1-6abTibetan Truths
 KS2-1aThe Un's Optimist in Residence
 KS3-2aWhy Does God Allow Suffering?
 KS2-2bWomen of Faith
 KS1-1aWords of Wisdom
 KS4-3bThe World Core Curriculum
 Public Radio Shows »  CC-BThe Corporate Conscience
 DPDrug-Proofing Your Children
 EH1Everyday Healing Foods
 G5Gimme Five
 HEHow Much Is Enough?
 ICInner Calm
 MGThe Medicine Garden
 FNThe National Fruits & Nuts Quiz Show
 SWSufi Wisdom Tales
 TADThinking About Drinking
 VCThe Vegetable Chronicles
 Special Packages »  ATV-1Alternatives to Violence
 AWAmazing Women: Special Package
 EWCEducating the Whole Child
 HHHumanizing Health Care
 INCMInner Calm: Special Package
 Stress Reduction 3-CD Set
 Part of Sufi Wisdom Tales »  SW-3bThe Four Disciples and Their Four Wondrous Gifts
 SW-1bThe Four Travelers from the Four Religions
 SW-3aThe King Who Wanted to Make Gold
 SW-1aShould The Lion Eat the Man?
 SW-2bThe Sufi and the Man of Wealth
 SW-2aWhy Man Has No Peace
 Part of Thinking About Drinking »  TAD-8Business and Booze
 TAD-11Driving Under the Influence
 TAD-6A Family Disease
 TAD-3The Lady Drinks
 TAD-9Latino Perspectives
 TAD-1The Magic Potion
 TAD-12Media Images of Alcohol
 TAD-5One Step at a Time
 TAD-4The Road to Recovery
 TAD-10A Social History of Inebriation
 TAD-7Teach Your Children Well
 TAD-2The Terrible Trap
 Kindred Spirits »  KS1Kindred Spirits Volume 1: INNER PATHS
 KS2Kindred Spirits Volume 2: SEEKERS
 KS3Kindred Spirits Volume 3: LIFE CHALLENGES
 KS4Kindred Spirits Volume 4: SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS
 Part of "Walking through the Storm" Series »  101,102Journey for Recovery (CD 1)
 60, 69Will to Live (CD 2)
 92,93Humor and Health (CD 3)
 97,98The Power of Belief (CD 4)
 A Brief Relaxation Exercise with Dr. Lockewood Rush (Bonus CD)
 Part of Humankind Well-Being Forum (Archive) »  Basic Concepts of Nutrition and Excercise for Cancer Survivors
 Sid Caesar: Humor Can Help You Heal (Pt 1) - 15:59
 Sid Caesar: Humor Can Help You Heal (Pt. 2) - 11:29
 Colleen Doyle: American Cancer Society Diet Suggestions - 20:32
 Duke University's Harold Koenig, MD: Cancer and Faith - 21:06
 Lorenzo Cohen, PhD: Yoga For Cancer - 10:20
 Harold Benjamin: Wellness Community - 8:50
 Susan Foerster (Pt 1): Anti-cancer nutrition - 13:03
 Susan Foerster (Pt 2): Food selection, prep. - 11:39
 Michele D. Holmes, MD: Benefits of exercise - 12:01
 Alastair J. Cunningham, PhD (Pt 1) - 10:32
 Alastair J. Cunningham, PhD (Pt 2) - 12:26
 Elliot Friedman, PhD: Social connections - 14:59
 Jennifer Reilly - Diet to prevent cancer recurrence Pt 1- 18:07
 Jennifer Reilly - Diet to prevent cancer recurrence Pt 2 - 3:51
 Steve Allen: Humor distracts from our woes - 10:26
 Patrick Borgen, MD: Immune system v. cancer - 10:22
 Herbert Benson, MD (Pt 1): Relaxing the mind and body - 8:44
 Herbert Benson, MD (Pt 2): Relaxing the mind and body - 8:56
 Gerald Jampolsky, MD (Pt 1): Attitudinal healing - 10:28
 Gerald Jampolsky, MD (Pt 2): Beyond self-centeredness - 8:04
 Louise Diamond (Pt 1): A peaceful path to cancer healing - 8:04
 Louise Diamond (Pt 2): A peaceful path to cancer healing - 10:26
 Julie K. Silver, MD Pt 1: Healing plateaus and setbacks - 11:07
 Julie K. Silver, MD Pt 2: Feelings after treatment - 10:13
 Part of Humankind Well-Being Forum »  Brian Berman: Citizen-centered health care (10:45)
 Mary Jo Kreitzer: A sense of purpose bolsters your health (8:20)

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