• American Resilience
    Historians and others tell how the American journey has often required of citizens the courage to rebound from deep challenges, including stories of the extraordinary hardiness shown by people during the crisis of the Great Depression.
  • Beyond War
    The brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine renews questions we explored in this earlier series. What are the true human costs of war? How can civilians wage peace in the face of authoritarianism? What is the role of international law?
  • Checks and Balances
    At a time when polls consistently show most Americans believe our country is "on the wrong track," this one-hour documentary examines the remarkable system conceived by the Founders to restrain excess in democracy
  • Children Left Behind
    The moving stories of two young adults who have incarcerated parents and who endured unpleasant visits to prison as well as the heavy emotional baggage of having a loved one taken from them at a young age. (Part 1)
  • Constant Emergency
    Have we entered an age of unrelenting chaos? As we grope for a “new normal”, has humanity reached a kind of turning point? Hear inspiring stories of survivors, along with specific guidance to help people navigate these choppy waters.
  • Diet and Health
    In this Humankind documentary, we hear from a growing movement of physicians and others who — concerned by the rising rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease — are placing greater emphasis on advising patients about more healthful eating. But changing our diets is notoriously difficult, especially in a culture that heavily promotes unhealthy foods.
  • The Diet-Climate Connection
    Agriculture is a huge emitter of greenhouse gases associated with climate change. Medical experts recommend that our diets emphasize many of the same tasty foods that scientists regard as most climate-friendly.
  • Dreaming of America
    Americans in line to view the original Constitution, an injured Iraq War veteran, and an NBA basketball star who advocates a more engaged democracy tell of their vision for a better America. Also, more voices on what kind of a future Americans yearn for including a group of young people concerned about preserving the planet…
  • Equal Ground
    The moving tale of the late Mae Bertha Carter, a sharecropper who raised thirteen children and also stood firm—against harassment—in her quest to integrate public schools in Sunflower County, Mississippi.
  • Catching Up with Granny D
    As part of the Public Radio Collaboration "Who's Democracy Is It?", Humankind presents a lively, hour-long profile of "Granny D," (Mrs. Doris Haddock of Dublin, New Hampshire). Famous for her 14-month walk across the United States to promote campaign finance reform, she is a fascinating American original.
  • Holistic Nurses
    We hear from a variety of nurses about the stresses they face in today's fast-paced medical setting—and how they struggle to find the time needed to treat the whole person.
  • Humankind Sampler
    Hear these extraordinary excerpts from the award-winning Humankind series.
  • An Informed Republic
    America's founders recognized that that without a king, the fledgling nation would need an informed citizenry—or their bold experiment in democracy would fail. So in early America the government subsidized newspapers, established the postal system to facilitate information flow and drew up plans for public education. But now in the digital age, does the demise…
  • Inner Calm for Health
    Harvard Medical School Professor Herbert Benson, MD pioneering work on the Relaxation Response has helped millions of people learn a simple meditative technique to reduce the harmful effects of stress.
  • Meeting Hate with Love: Stories of King and Gandhi
    This documentary features recent interviews with associates of Martin Luther King Jr. and his role model, Mahatma Gandhi, on their philosophy of nonviolent social change, plus archival audio.
  • The Power of Nonviolence
    The Power of Nonviolence seeks deep solutions to this vexing problem. We turn to wisdom teachings across our great spiritual traditions for guidance—and inspiration—on how the lasting wounds can be healed.
  • Resilient Nurses
    A no-holds-barred look at the stressful conditions in which many nurses work: the long hours, the emotional toll, the rapid pace, and the way that technology and institutional practices can make it hard to form a caring bond with patients.
  • Passengers
    Most people in metropolitan areas face choices when we travel: to go by car or to use public transit? These decisions have a huge impact on our wallets, on the environment and on our quality of life. Free download of this two-hour series.
  • The Right to Vote
    This broadcast explores one of the most basic questions facing our democracy: who may participate?
  • Rubin Carter’s Hurricane
    As dramatized in a Bob Dylan song and 'The Hurricane' starring Denzel Washington, ex-prize fighter Rubin Carter tells how he was wrongly convicted of a triple homicide and ultimately exonerated by a federal judge, and trained his mind in prison to transcend hatred. After a court declared his murder conviction a miscarriage of justice, Rubin…
  • Steps to Recovery
    Alcoholics Anonymous marks its beginning when one hopelessly addicted drunk realized that connecting with a fellow-sufferer would create a safe zone in which both could stop their downward spiral. In the second half, we examine the AA recovery principles that have promoted sobriety for millions of recovering alcoholics and have created a template to help…
  • The Unabomber’s Brother
    Social worker David Kaczynski tells how he reached the horrible conclusion that his older brother Ted was the Unabomber and felt obliged to notify authorities, even though it could lead to a death sentence for his brother.
  • A Union of Citizens
    Hear our documentary including David's interview with John Lewis, remarkable civil rights leader and "the conscience of Congress." Mr . Lewis died at age 80 on July 17, 2020. In a country founded of the people, by the people and for the people: What does it mean to be an actively engaged citizen? How can…
  • Walking through the Storm
    These four, sound-rich documentaries include leading cancer experts and moving first-person accounts by survivors. It's thought provoking and inspiring.
  • The Way of Tao
    Jonathan Star took twelve years to master the nuances of ancient Chinese in his quest to produce a remarkably lucid and evocative English translation of Lao Tsu's brilliant masterpiece of wisdom. Guidance in the subtle art of attaining mental and emotional balance pervades Star's brilliant translation of Lao Tsu's timeless poetic volume of Taoist philosophy…
  • The Search for Well-Being
    We examine a fascinating new model of health care: integrative medicine.
  • Barely Getting By: Stories of America’s Working Poor
    In a country as wealthy as the United States, "working poor" should be a contradiction in terms. But tens of millions of Americans fall into that category, affecting a growing population of children.