Recent Programs

  • Whole Teachers – Whole Students
    Faced with the deep divisions roiling America, can education that is “pro-social” provide an alternative path for healing and understanding? And can schools cultivate students’ skills for social awareness and self-reflection? In this Humankind documentary, we visit two venues where leaders are taking strides toward an enlightened educational experience for young people – and for faculty.…
  • Health Inequality
    In this documentary, we ask why it is that the wealthiest Americans live as many as fifteen years longer than the poorest. It's a troubling question at a time when income inequality has reached levels not seen since the run up to the Great Depression. Nationwide – even with more people covered through the Affordable…
  • Connections that Heal
    At the typical nursing station of today’s hospitals, it can sometimes seem like high-tech medical machinery supersedes a personal connection between the patient and nurse or other health care professional. But for many caregivers, that one-to-one relationship is the essence of their service. It also can help to sustain and revitalize nurses, who often are called…
  • Gimme Five
    Back in 1994, at his home/studio in Chicago, Ken Nordine and I worked together on a project we called The Gimme Five Show – intended as a fantastical, fun way to entice young people to eat well. Not a Humankind program, this special production was funded by the National Institutes of Health. Ken -a master of audio imagination- conjured…
  • Listeners (Pts 1&2)
    There’s a kind of mystery in sitting calmly, patiently, attentively and tuning into someone else’s personal story – their experience and life journey. In this special program, we hear the reflective insights of people who listen for a living: physicians, counselors and clergy.
  • Diet and Health
    In this Humankind documentary, we hear from a growing movement of physicians and others who — concerned by the rising rates of obesity, diabetes and heart disease — are placing greater emphasis on advising patients about more healthful eating. But changing our diets is notoriously difficult, especially in a culture that heavily promotes unhealthy foods.

Staff Picks

  • Resilient Nurses
    A no-holds-barred look at the stressful conditions in which many nurses work: the long hours, the emotional toll, the rapid pace, and the way that technology and institutional practices can make it hard to form a caring bond with patients.
  • The Power of Nonviolence
    The Power of Nonviolence seeks deep solutions to this vexing problem. We turn to wisdom teachings across our great spiritual traditions for guidance—and inspiration—on how the lasting wounds can be healed.
  • The Spiritual Care Podcast
    Announcing our new podcast about the fascinating field of "spiritual care". We explore how chaplains, health care providers, social workers and other caregivers work to bring a healing, supportive presence to students, medical patients, armed service members, and more.

Producer’s Note

  • Welcoming the Stranger

    See my recent essay published on Medium about caregivers who reach out to people ‘living on the margins’ — based on several Humankind productions. How does ‘compassionate presence’ help homeless people or those who are incarcerated to heal?

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