• Catching Up with Granny D
    As part of the Public Radio Collaboration "Who's Democracy Is It?", Humankind presents a lively, hour-long profile of "Granny D," (Mrs. Doris Haddock of Dublin, New Hampshire). Famous for her 14-month walk across the United States to promote campaign finance reform, she is a fascinating American original.
  • The Green Economy
    As environmental visionaries see it, the future of energy is not in greenhouse gas-emitting fuels like oil and coal—whose supply is running out—but in sustainable, non-global warming sources like wind and sun and waves from the ocean and in the enormous storehouse of heat that naturally occurs deep underground. For a limited time, this show…
  • The Right to Vote
    This broadcast explores one of the most basic questions facing our democracy: who may participate?
  • Resilient Nurses
    A no-holds-barred look at the stressful conditions in which many nurses work: the long hours, the emotional toll, the rapid pace, and the way that technology and institutional practices can make it hard to form a caring bond with patients.
  • Passengers
    Most people in metropolitan areas face choices when we travel: to go by car or to use public transit? These decisions have a huge impact on our wallets, on the environment and on our quality of life. Free download of this two-hour series.
  • Simple Relaxation Exercise
    A 15-minute stress reduction session to calm the body and mind.
  • The Diet-Climate Connection
    The most climate-friendly foods are also healthy and tasty!
  • The Search for Well-Being
    We examine a fascinating new model of health care: integrative medicine.
  • The Power of Nonviolence
    The Power of Nonviolence seeks deep solutions to this vexing problem. We turn to wisdom teachings across our great spiritual traditions for guidance—and inspiration—on how the lasting wounds can be healed.