Simple Relaxation Exercise

Program WTTS-RELAX • 15 mins


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This 15-minute guided meditation focuses on the breath to stimulate the relaxation response. You’ll be guided step by step toward a relaxed, contemplative state which can be helpful in breaking the mental “worry cycle” that can surface in times of anxiety or illness. The relaxation response (first medically described by Harvard Medical School Prof. Herbert Benson, M.D.) has been scientifically established to produce significant health benefits. This stress reduction session asks you to find a peaceful place and become comfortable. Through a series of suggestions and visualizations you’ll begin to shut off the turmoil of daily life and move towards calming thoughts. You’ll become conscious of your breath and use it to release the negative and draw in the positive. Establish a place and a regular schedule and use this audio to revitalize your energy and re-center yourself daily.


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