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What role can public transportation play in building a more livable nation?

Written and produced by David Freudberg in association with WGBH Boston

Most people in metropolitan areas face choices when we travel — to go by car or to use public transit? These decisions have a huge impact on our wallets, on the environment and on our quality of life.

World-class experts, colorful personal stories (including winner of the month-long Car-Free Challenge) and cool stereo sounds of trains! Voices heard include:

Richard Rodriguez, Chicago Transit Authority president

DePaul University student riders

M.P. Carter, Memphis Area Transportation Authority

Prof. Robert Cervero, UC/Berkeley urban planning chair

Larry Hanley, Amalgamated Transit Workers president

Betty Turner, Bank of America; Natalie English, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

Matt Maryl, Apollo Alliance

John Inglish, Utah Transit Authority CEO


Part 1: Going Car-Free
The story of a Virginia man who accepted his county’s “challenge” to go car-free for a month; plus voices of motorists filling up at the pump; bus riders in a low-income neighborhood and others.

Part 2: The Business of Public Transit
Business people and environmentalists come together: improved public transportation helps to grow the economy, for lots of reasons. Bankers and the Sierra Club on the same side.

Part 3: Cars and Carbon
What is the global warming footprint of cars vs. public transit? Story of a family seeking a low-carbon lifestyle. Also, hear the views of transportation experts, the president of AAA, and others.

Part 4: Taxation for Transportation
Gas taxes you pay at the pump go into a huge pool of federal transportation funds. How should the money be divided up? Plus high-speed rail, pro and con.

MBTA Silver Line Neoplan dual-mode bus at South Station



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