Frances Moore Lappe

Program 77 • 29 mins


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Frances Moore Lappe is committed to helping us understand the hidden connections between the foods we choose to eat, the earth on which they’re grown, and the fact that there are more than 800 million hungry people in the world today. In this fascinating episode of Humankind, Lappe tells of her world journey to visit with citizen activists, from Brazil to France to Kenya, who are implementing new ways for food to be healthy, eco-friendly and generously available. The material is drawn in part from her book, “Hope’s Edge” co-authored with her daughter Anna Lappe.

Frances has recently emerged as an ardent pro-democracy activist, based on the understanding that many of these problems will remain stuck without energized citizen participation.

I was just absolutely swept away. I thought: Oh my gosh! If people only knew that hunger is needless, hunger is human-made, that we would all do something.”

—Frances Moore Lappe


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