Meeting Hate with Love: Stories of King and Gandhi

Programs 111, 112 • 58 mins


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This public radio documentary explores the practice of nonviolence in the quest for justice and equality.

In Part 1, you’ll hear archival sound from the U.S. civil rights movement, including interviews with associates of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.: Dr. Vincent Harding, a King speechwriter and first director of the King Center in Atlanta; Dorothy Cotton, who served as Education Director of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; and Rev. John Cartwright, a theology classmate of King.

Part 2 provides reflections on Dr. King’s inspiration for non-violent change, Mahatma Gandhi of India. Again, archival audio is blended with fascinating remarks by Gandhi’s grandson, Dr. Arun Gandhi (pictured above), who as a troubled youth was tutored for an hour each day by his famous grandfather. The experience transformed Dr. Gandhi’s life. He was interviewed at the University of Rochester, where he led the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence. In May 2023 Arun Gandhi passed away at age 89.

Arun gandhiVincent hardingDorothy cotton
Arun GandhiVincent HardingDorothy Cotton


“Somebody must have sense enough to meet hate with love. Somebody must have sense enough to meet physical force with soul force. If we will but try this way, we will be able to change these conditions and yet at the same time win the hearts and souls of those who have kept these conditions alive — a way as old as the insights of Jesus of Nazareth, as modern as the techniques of Mohandas K. Gandhi. There is another way.”

—Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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