Teaching Nonviolence

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In a world of too much violent conflict, this documentary asks: Can the traits of peacemaking be taught to young people in schools? Examining this imperative question are some of America’s most innovative leaders in the field of conflict resolution education and peace studies. Among those heard in this documentary are Colman McCarthy, longtime Washington Post columnist who now devotes his time to teaching peace in D.C. area public schools; Linda Lantieri, whose Resolving Conflicts Creatively program has been used in 400 U.S. schools; Eric Dawson, a dynamic young educator who developed Peacegames for public schools; and Nancy Carlsson-Paige, a Lesley University professor who has analyzed the effect of our violent popular culture on young children. We also hear from kids who describe their perceptions of violence and peace.


  • How can we help kids see past the hostile images and violent actions of the world they’re growing up in?
  • What skills of conflict resolution and peacemaking can be taught in schools?
  • What knowledge gaps about historyand human relationscan educators help to fill?


“We’re graduating from our schools peace illiterates… I think that’s the reason why we have a violent society. We’re not teaching alternatives to the ethic of violence.”

Colman McCarthy, former Washington Post columnist and
peace studies educator

“These images of violence are presented to children over, and over, and over again… This is a serious problem, and it’s affecting children’s social development, and their view of the world in a very deep way.”

Prof. Nancy Carlsson-Paige, Lesley University professor of education

“People often ask me, you know, ‘Why– why games?’ I mean, violence is this big, serious, complex issue, and I always say, ‘Exactly.’ We learn through laughter. We learn through connections.”

Eric Dawson, Anti-violence educator, founder of Peacegames


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