Peace-building with Louise Diamond

Program 31 • 29 mins


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A veteran of negotiating in such troubled areas as Cyprus, and the Middle East, Louise Diamond has spearheaded a new kind of diplomacy, one that emphasizes a community approach towards solution. A reflective voice in an often grim and crazed environment, Diamond talks to David Freudberg about how our world is awakening to the possibilities of peace and what each person’s responsibility is to the larger good. Relating her many experiences both internationally and personally, Diamond gives equal time to the difficult but ultimate necessity of conflict resolution in our world today. Join this conversation about humankind’s great potential for living together harmoniously.


  • How does the way we see ourselves change the way we view conflict?
  • What can we learn by trying to understand the “opposing” side and how does it help to resolve conflict?
  • How can developing relationships and listening to the other side in a conflict help melt barriers and build peace?
  • How can we create a lasting peace in our communities?
  • How does what we teach our children determine how long a conflict lasts?

I have never once, in 12, 13 years of doing this work internationally, found a situation, when people actually meet each other face-to-face that they don’t find some common humanity. I’d like to see the day when we do for every child what we would do for our own.”

—Louise Diamond, peace-builder


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