Nonviolent Communication

Program 100 • 29 mins


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Marshall Rosenberg, photo by Etan J. Tal

Marshall Rosenberg, photo by Etan J. Tal

It’s been said that we’ve learned how to speak but not necessarily how to communicate. Rarely are we taught the art of deep listening or how to respond to someone without accusation or blame or the ability to articulate our own needs without putting others on the defensive. These are some skills taught in a system known as Nonviolent Communication, a simple way of communicating that can help us to heal conflict and foster greater compassion. Its aim is to promote more understanding and foster compassion in a world riddled with conflict. Finding ways to do that has long been a quest of author Marshall Rosenberg and educator Betty Burkes.

This notion of if I can just be still enough to listen to you, just in that process of listening creates understanding.”

—Betty Burkes


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