Julie Goschalk

Program 33 • 29 mins


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Take a journey with David Freudberg as he follows Julie Goschalk’s path from the child of Holocaust survivors who endured Auschwitz to facilitator of conversations between Jewish children of Nazi perpetrators. A controversial and moving tribute to the human need for reconciliation, understanding, and peace, this episode of Humankind will stir your mind and challenge your preconceptions. Many assume that some boundaries can never be crossed. Listen to this show and think again.


  • What is it like to be the child of a Holocaust survivor?
  • Why would a child of Holocaust survivors get together with children of Nazi-era Germans?
  • What is gained when two opposing sides sit down for a dialogue and what changes when you hear the other side?

Once you sit face-to-face with another human being, you suddenly get a whole new spin on your imagined story of them and that allows you to heal.”

—Julie Goschalk, therapist and facilitator of dialogues between Jews and Nazi-era Germans


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