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Best of Humankind, Vol. 2[Program bh-02a]
Best of Humankind, Vol. 2

1. Sid Caesar, hilarious comedian and TV pioneer, tells how a new attitude allowed him to recover from depression and addiction, after his storied career hit the skids.

2. Tracy Gary, heir to the Pillsbury fortune, decided in her 20s to give away almost all her wealth, then founded a dozen charities to protect women and the environment.

3. Ahmed Kathrada, long-time jailmate of Nelson Mandela, recalls how he went from prisoner to Parliament member, and helped S. Africa heal from its hateful past.

4. How a strong community gathered around Tucker Stilley, a light-hearted filmmaker/musician, facing the impossible limitations of ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

5. Grandmother Mary Gillespie, who became deaf and blind as a young adult, but who speaks normally, displays a vibrant spirit in describing her challenges and joys.

6. Janet Connors, whose teenage son was murdered in a home invasion, now advocates forgiveness with accountability in her work with public school students.

7. A chance encounter between realtor Oral Lee Brown and a young child needing food money leads her to fund college tuition for a whole class of disadvantaged kids.

8. Arun Gandhi, recorded in his 70s, relates how as a troubled teen he received daily one-on-one lessons in nonviolence from his famous grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi.

9-10. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a famous prize-fighter depicted in a Denzel Washington film and Bob Dylan song, explains how he overcame bitterness after doing 19 years for a crime he did not commit. (2 half hrs, includes the judge who set Carter free.)

11. Known as Mr. Joe, a former schoolteacher (who had polio as a child) arranges free surgeries, transportation, long-term lodging for polio patients from Vietnam.

12. Darrell Scott, whose daughter died in the Columbine high school shootings, calls for "a chain reaction of compassion" that will reach out to alienated young people.

Total time: 12 half-hour segments presented by DAVID FREUDBERG

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