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Walking through the Storm
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Walking through the Storm (Complete Series, 5 CDs)
Walking through the Storm (Complete Series, 5 CDs)

Patrick Borgen, MD "I have treated between 4,000 and 5,000 women with breast cancer and certain commonalities emerge. If a patient believes they are going to do poorly, they are going to do poorly. If a patient is upbeat and a fighter, in my opinion they do better partially because of that attitude."

-- Patrick Borgen, MD, Chief, Breast Service
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY

As heard on National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Radio International (PRI), there are 4 one-hour programs in this series. You can listen to free excerpts, purchase the series on CD (5 disks for a total of $24.95 + shipping) or purchase a download of the audio to your computer or MP3 player by clicking the link of the individual episode below.

Two striking facts from the National Institutes of Health (NIH):
42% of Americans are likely to get some form of cancer:
65% of patients now survive the disease!

This trend highlights the importance of enhancing quality of life for survivors, as illustrated in Walking through the Storm. To complement traditional treatment, survivors are now flocking to hospital-based relaxation classes and support groups where extraordinary friendships bloom and psychic wounds are soothed. Many people turn to personal practices such as spirituality, journaling, cognitive techniques -- to reduce the "worry cycle" -- and humor! This integration of high-tech care with natural healing (Integrative Medicine) represents one of the most fascinating movements in medicine today.

In these CDs an extra dimension comes across while listening to the human voice express this subject. These sound-rich documentaries present leading experts as well as moving first-person accounts by survivors that will uplift anyone facing serious illness. Walking through the Storm can educate friends and family, helping them to understand the experience of their loved one.

Program Listings for This Series

Journey for Recovery

CD 1: Journey for Recovery (Humankind programs #101 and 102)
Listen onlineHear Free Excerpt and Learn More

Part A: Cancer patients confront their fears -- real and imagined; and a scientific look at the mind/body connection.
Part B: How relaxation exercises and healing imagery can diminish cancer pain; and the health benefits of keeping a personal diary.

Will to Live

CD 2: Will to Live (Humankind programs #60 and 69)
Listen onlineHear Free Excerpt and Learn More

Part A: Cancer patients find a remarkable human connection in supportive dialogues with other patients.
Part B: Physician Rachel Naomi Remen counsels patients drawing from her own bout with a life-threatening illness.

Humor and Health

CD 3: Humor and Health (Humankind programs #92 and 93)
Listen onlineHear Free Excerpt and Learn More

Part A: Hear professional comedians who are cancer survivors and learn the health benefits of humor and laughter.
Part B: Playwrights who've used the stage for humor and poignant insight about their journeys through illness.

The Power of Belief

CD 4: The Power of Belief (Humankind programs #97 and 98)
Listen onlineHear Free Excerpt and Learn More

Part A: Whether or not people of faith, cancer patients go deeply into themselves to ponder their lives.
Part B: A rabbi whose daughter died of cancer teaches martial arts to young patients, helping them find inner strength.

The Power of Belief

CD 5: A Brief Relaxation Exercise with Dr. Lockewood Rush
Listen onlineListen Free Now in its Entirety

A CD of this exercise is included as a bonus in our 5-disk package of Walking through the Storm.
A 15-minute stress reduction session to calm the body and mind.

Total time: 251 minutes

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Audio CD ($24.95)
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