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MP3 Troubleshooting HEADING_TITLE
First Time MP3 Download Instructions

Odds are, if this is your first time downloading an MP3, you may have some trouble. The files we provide are high quality audio, and much longer than any typical music MP3 file, so a download may take a while. (For example, a music MP3 file is 3 minutes and may be 2.4 megabytes, whereas a 30 minute radio show is 27 megabytes.)

If you do not have a high-speed connection, we do not recommend you even attempt to purchase MP3 files-- the server or your connection may time out.

Try this sample MP3 now-- if it downloads properly to a place on your computer where you can find it, you're in business. Right-click to download MP3Download MP3 Now

Your computer may be set up to automatically play the MP3 (rather than save the link somewhere you can easily find it). You should RIGHT-CLICK the link to the download to save it to your hard disk--do not choose the "open" option if prompted, or your may not be able to locate the MP3 when it is finally saved, since your computer may store the file in a difficult-to-find temporary folder. (Mac users: Control-Click the download link and hold the mouse down for 3 seconds to see a pop-up menu that should give you an option to save the file.)

Macintosh OS-X note: Sometimes the file may be named download.php or possibly something that has the letters mpeg or mp3 near the end of the file name. It may be on your Desktop, or it may be in a folder you use for other downloads. See if you have a Download Manager that will help you find the file, and rename it to something that ends in .mp3.

MP3 Refunds

Due to the nature of digital data, we cannot refund MP3 purchases. If you're having difficulties please check the details above. You should also review our MP3 help desk topic. If troubles persist email us at orders@humanmedia.org. Thanks.


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