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End of Life Dialogues[Program 22]
End of Life Dialogues
  • Can opposing organizations come together on the need for compassionate care?
  • Are there ethical standards to vast to be overcome in order to provide humane treatment to terminal patients?
  • Does a common goal necessarily have a common means of achieving it and how do we work together despite our differences?

"What we found was that the polarization and the rhetoric around physician-assisted suicide had kept these groups from exploring the common ground on end of life care and when we were able to get there, there was a great deal in common."

- Mike Hughes, mediator

When libertarian, religious, and other groups polarized in Colorado over physician-assisted suicide, mediator Mike Hughes helped the factions find common ground on the need for more compassionate care of terminal patients. He relates how residents on both sides of the issue worked to find a median in such a heated debate of ethics.

Total time: 29 minutes

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