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A Different Sort of Food[Program 11]
A Different Sort of Food
  • Why would people intentionally go without food?
  • Does fasting help cleanse the body and the soul?
  • How do people feel when they fast?
  • How can going without food, put a person in touch the forgotten realities of life?

"It's days like this that I remember I'm part of a wider world...a humanity that's suffering as well as celebrating."

--A participant in the Yom Kippur fast

Spiritual hunger is something we all have felt, but what do we do about it? In this half-hour of Humankind, we explore the rituals and ceremonies of Yom Kippur and Ramadan, two ancient traditions from Judaism and Islam that offer nourishment through fasting. In a world that thrives on indulgence, these rites are curious and resonant practices prompting renewal, gratitude, and vigor. Join David Freudberg for this educational segment on an especially nourishing kind of food.

Total time: 29 minutes

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