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Maintaining Focus with Daniel Goleman[Program 203]
Maintaining Focus with Daniel Goleman

"When I write, I come up to a studio on a hill above my house. There's no phone in there. I don't look at my email. I just get something done for an hour or two. Then I go down to my office, where all my distractions live, and I deal with the full day's catastrophe of whatever it may be. And I think that that's a strategy that we need to be more intentional about. "

---- Daniel Goleman Author, "Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence"

Daniel Goleman, former NY Times science correspondent, and author of "Emotional Intelligence," discusses the importance of having mental focus -- and how easily we can become distracted. Staying focused is essential not only for high performance in worldly activities. It is also a necessary condition of reflection, to gain depth of understanding. If we want to develop meaningful perspective on a subject we're studying, or a task at hand, or to understand ourselves, the ability to concentrate is indispensable, and that requires persistent focus. This program discusses the challenge of staying focused in our high-tech world, where an endless flow of new information can divert our attention. Brain functions that provide different levels of focus are covered. Also: we consider the benefits of focusing on positive emotions and personal virtues.

Total time: 29 Minutes

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