Horizons of Attention with David Allen

Program 142 • 29 mins


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David Allen originated the highly-popular “Getting Things Done” system, aimed at helping people sort through the barrage of information coming at us in this age of “overwhelm”. His recent book “Making It All Work” helps us understand the horizons of focus at which people view the various decisions we must make in life, from mundane tasks to the big picture of why we’re here on earth! In this program, you’ll hear David’s provocative insights on ways to make decisions at the higher levels of life choices, what he calls “the much bigger game going on here.”

If everybody just sort of quieted themselves, everybody’s going to admit that they have a still small voice that knows what’s going on, you know. That little thing going, ‘David, is that really the best thing you should be doing right now? I think that’s a dangerous path that you start walking down.’ I’ve got it. You know, I have that still small voice. And I think, you know, there’s a part of us, all the different levels of who we are, and how we express, and how we seem to be on the planet involve all the things from the part of me that just wants to eat, drink, you know, procreate, whatever. And then there’s another part of me that says, ‘Yes, and, you know, there’s a much bigger game going on here that’s much more elegant, that has a lot more of a sense of fulfillment when I sort of line up with what that’s about.’ So I think a lot of our challenge is to understand, you know, follow that inner voice.”

—David Allen, author of “Making It All Work”


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