Self-Fulfilling Prophecies with David Allen

Program 109 • 29 mins


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Most people go through life internally reciting words and thoughts, frequently over and over. The vast majority of these thoughts are negative, according to studies, and this can set us up for anxiety and an unrealistic perspective.

The surprising power of visualizing affirmative outcomes in life is explored by New York Times best-selling author David Allen, who finds that when people vividly picture the solutions to problems, they can reset their nervous system and remove self-imposed blockages. This program examines how concentrating on positive outcomes can dramatically alter our landscape of possibilities.

Often times if you keep focused on the problem itself, you keep recreating the problem. [Instead think about:] What would you like to have true in this relationship? What would you like to have true in your life? And that provides a very different kind of a focus, internally, than just, you know, analyzing a problem. You know, with a well-analyzed problem, you’ve still got a problem. It’s just well analyzed. If you want solution, then you need to be focused on the solution. So essentially, you won’t even see the solution until you see the final outcome… What are you trying to accomplish? Because that then will help you frame why it’s a problem, to begin with and also how to get out of it.”

—David Allen


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