Loretta La Roche

Program 90 • 29 mins


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People complain so much about stress that it makes Loretta LaRoche… stressed out. Enjoy a half-hour with this popular comedian and stress management teacher who helps us find ways to lighten up! Famous for her PBS specials including “The Joy of Stress” and her book “Life is Short: Wear Your Party Pants,” Loretta is a delightful exponent of finding the humor in life’s inevitable challenges. She says we must watch our tendency to “catastrophize” and “awfulize,” especially when circumstances are not extreme. And you’ll smile when she pokes fun at how easily we can make ourselves out to be martyrs.

Many people are prophets in their own time. They are already projecting a way to suffer next week or the week after: Well, it rained this week; God knows what’s going to happen next — we’re probably going to have a blizzard or a tornado. We’ll be swept away!”

—Loretta La Roche


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