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Hospitality[Program 7]
  • What is it like to open your home to a total stranger?
  • How do families cope with the overwhelming cost health care while undergoing a life threatening illness?
  • What motivates people to help a stranger in need?

"Not only are they stressed out by the illness of a loved one, but superimposed on that was the fact that they were living in a waiting room... to take that burden out of the mix has made an impression on me how important this is."

-- Dr. William Cohn MD, Hospitality volunteer

Intensely strained by ominous prognoses or debilitating conditions, family members of the sick still must face finding affordable lodging while they maintain a bedside vigil at hospitals around the country. The Hospitality Program in Boston, MA, aims to alleviate the prohibitive costs of hotels and the impersonal glare of waiting rooms by opening up the homes of volunteers. A true example of generosity and neighborliness, this half-hour of Humankind talks to the families that have offered shelter to the struggling and a hand to those often holding on by thin threads. This episode will give you hope and optimism for the rich goodness of the stranger.

Total time: 29 minutes
For more information, please visit this webpage.

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