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Resilient Nurses[Program 219, 220, 240, 241]
Resilient Nurses

How healthcare providers handle their stressful profession

Note: To listen to the complete program, please visit www.humanmedia.org/nurses, which includes extra audio and a useful booklet you can download.

With six nurses for every physician, nursing is the heart of American health care. Nurses spend the most time with patients and are typically very dedicated. They entered their profession primarily to care for people. But nurses face significant change and challenge in today's medical environment. In this special series, you'll hear the voices and perspectives of nurses in different regions and a variety of clinical settings.

Segment 1 takes a no-holds-barred look at the stressful conditions in which many nurses work: the long hours, the emotional toll, the rapid pace, and the way that technology and institutional practices can make it hard to form a caring bond with patients.

Segment 2 presents inspiring stories of how active nurses use self-care techniques that help them manage--and transcend--the stresses of their essential work life, both on the job and after hours.

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