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Podcast Questions

  • How do I subscribe to your podcast?

    Once the application has been downloaded, search for “Humankind on Public Radio”, or click any of the icons above and navigate to the “subscribe” button. You may also use the following link as a feed for your preferred podcasting app: http://humankindpodcast.org/pc/feed/podcast

  • I have a problem setting up my podcast app.

    If you cannot find a solution on the Internet, please contact us.

  • What do I need to hear podcasts?

    The first thing you need is to select a podcasting service. You can listen using several of the apps listed above by downloading them on your phone or going to the website on your computer.

  • What is podcasting?

    Podcasts are a way to listen to radio and other audio programs over the Internet. You use a podcasting service to subscribe to podcasts you want to listen to. When a new episode of the podcast becomes available, the podcasting service will automatically let you know and can download the audio for you automatically. You can then listen to the podcast at your convenience, from a phone, computer, or other device.