Freeing Modern-Day Slaves

Program 15 • 29 mins


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To many people, slavery is an historical word. But for Dr. Charles Jacobs, indentured servitude is an all too contemporary phenomenon. In this episode of Humankind, David Freudberg peers inside the terrifying world of today’s slave trade with Dr. Jacobs, a former management consultant and founder of the American Anti-Slavery Group. Jacobs’ organization, a unique coalition of government, volunteers, and international humanitarianism, is bent on correcting the fates of what he estimates to be 27 million people living as slaves worldwide. Learn about every aspect of one of the world’s dirtiest secrets as Jacobs takes us from Brazil to the Sudan, expounding on the grim conditions, the brutality, and the violent atmospheres of those forced into hard, unpaid labor. Listen as he describes his and others’ efforts to redeem slaves, or buy them back, and understand why this man and his partners have committed to slave liberation and what true good news their work means to those still held captive in this modern holocaust.


  • What is it like for people who are actually taken as slaves, and what conditions are they forced to work under?
  • Where does slavery exist today?
  • What motivates a successful management consultant to leave his career and dedicate himself to fight to free modern day slaves?
  • How are slaves bought back and redeemed from slavery?
  • How did one elementary school teacher, who was motivated by a story she read about slaves, raise money along with her students to buy slaves their freedom?

The most fundamental thing of all is not to be owned by another person.”

—Dr. Charles Jacobs, modern-day slave abolitionist


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