The Power of Belief

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The Power of Belief

Cancer survivors and physicians specializing in mind/body medicine examine the “placebo effect” — the powerful role of a patient’s personal beliefs and hopes — in coping with the challenges of a serious illness. What is the role of a patient’s attitude in facing a serious illness? Are the benefits that many people derive from faith also available to cancer patients who feel uncomfortable with religion? What are the connections between a person’s beliefs and their ability to attain physical healing? Also, we travel to a Detroit program for pediatric cancer patients founded by a Rabbi whose daughter died of cancer. A black belt, he teaches martial arts to children who need a way to access inner strength at a time when they feel powerless. With Drs. Margeret Stuber, James Gordon, Larry Dossey, Harold Koenig, Susan Gardin, Rev. Gwendolyn Collins, Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg, Marion Grodin and others.

I’ve had an extra year and a half to be with my family, to get some things right. But, you know, now I’m in a position where I want to be the server. I want to serve people. And that’s why my wife and I got involved in a soup kitchen, different things with the church.”

—Cancer survivor



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