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The Diet-Climate Connection[Program 181,182,184,185]
The Diet-Climate Connection

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Free ListeningListen now to the full audio and find out about the contents

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Explains the diet-climate link, ways to eat more sustainably, delicious recipes and more!

Additional resources, so you can learn more about food and climate change

The droughts, heat waves and wildfires of 2012 � the hottest summer on record � have vividly brought home the effects of our warming planet. And some of the consequences will also show up at the grocery store. Foods we buy will cost more because of crop failures.

And this is just part of a multi-faceted story we call The Diet-Climate Connection, being heard on many public radio stations.

Listen here to two half-hour audio segments:

  • Learn which foods release the highest global-warming emissions and which foods release the lowest
  • Hear stories of people in different communities seeking more �sustainable food� choices and adapting their diets � especially at college campuses
  • Discover the surprising alignment between climate-friendly foods and a healthy diet

The Diet-Climate Connection project is funded by the Henry P. Kendall Foundation, the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, the Lintilhac Foundation and a special grant from the Henry Luce Foundation. It is presented by Humankind public radio in partnership with Connie Goldman Productions.

The entire series is available online for free listening or download--just click the links above!


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Cultivating the crops for animal feed involves tremendous energy use, from pumping water to producing fertilizer. Thus, becoming a vegetarian can significantly reduce a person's "carbon footprint" -- the amount of greenhouse gases their lifestyle is responsible for. For a limited time, this show is available to listen to free of charge.
Jennifer Reilly - Diet to prevent cancer recurrence Pt 1- 18:07Jennifer Reilly - Diet to prevent cancer recurrence Pt 1- 18:07
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Jennifer Reilly - Diet to prevent cancer recurrence Pt 2 - 3:51Jennifer Reilly - Diet to prevent cancer recurrence Pt 2 - 3:51
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Our Food FootprintOur Food Footprint
A conversation with the long-time director of the UN's Nobel Peace Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, who also directs the Yale Climate and Energy Institute.
Susan Foerster (Pt 1): Anti-cancer nutrition - 13:03Susan Foerster (Pt 1): Anti-cancer nutrition - 13:03
Susan Foerster, who heads the state of California's office on cancer prevention and nutrition, says that while cancer is complex, the evidence for a plant-based diet for cancer prevention hasn't changed.

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