The Diet-Climate Connection: How the foods we eat affect the planet we inhabit

The droughts, heat waves and wildfires of 2012 – the hottest year on record – have vividly brought home the effects of our warming planet. And some of the consequences will also show up at the grocery store. Foods we buy will cost more because of crop failures.

And this is just part of a multi-faceted story we call The Diet-Climate Connection, being heard on many public radio stations.

Listen here to four half-hour audio segments:

  • Learn which foods release the highest global-warming emissions and which foods release the lowest
  • Hear stories of people in different communities seeking more ‘sustainable food’ choices and adapting their diets – especially at college campuses
  • Discover the surprising alignment between climate-friendly foods and a healthy diet

Farmers market at Oakland, CA elementary school, Thomas Hudspeth, Organic farmers Erin Johnson and Ben Doherty (with daughter)

The Diet-Climate Connection project is funded by the Henry P. Kendall Foundation, the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, the Lintilhac Foundation and a special grant from the Henry Luce Foundation. It is presented by Humankind public radio in partnership with Connie Goldman Productions.