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New York Times: Eating at Chain Restaurants

September 21st, 2018

Nutrition and health consequences of eating at chain restaurants

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques neutralize stress by producing a calming effect. You can ease anxiety, slow your heart rate, and lower blood pressure (at least temporarily) by practising meditation, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, and biofeedback. Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School pioneered research on the relaxation response — a term he coined in the 1970s. It… Read More

Recognizing / Changing “Mind Traps”

Thinking distortions that can lead to stressful self-talk Explanation Remedy All-or-Nothing Thinking Seeing things in extremes: “If you make one mistake, you’re a total failure.” Don’t make black and white judgments. Think in terms of percentages, i.e., 40 percent on-time and 60 percent late. Overgeneralizations A single event is seen as a never-ending pattern of… Read More

Manage Your Stress

A CHECKLIST OF STRESS SYMPTOMS Stress can affect your body physically as well as affecting the way you think, act, and feel. Print this page out and mark below which of the following distress reactions you have experienced in response to stressful situations during the last month. Physical Signs of Stress pounding heart elevated blood… Read More

Living In The Present

Enjoy Your Time! Don’t try to do too much in too little time. See time as an ally, not an enemy. Live in the present more often–don’t worry about the past or future. Don’t wear a watch when you can do without it. Do only one thing at a time. Savor your time–slow down, talk… Read More

Humor Is Good Medicine

Humor is one of the truly elegant defenses in the human repertoire. Few would deny that the capacity for humor, like hope, is one of mankind’s most potent antidotes for the woes of Pandora’s box.” Dr. George E. Vailliant Harvard Medical School, Adaptations to Life Humor is a way to reframe your negative self-talk —… Read More

How To Reach A Stress-Reduction Goal

Print out this worksheet. Your Goal: __________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Outlook Everyday things I can do to reduce stress in this goal-oriented situation: ____________________________________________________________ Stress-Management Skills and Strategies I will use (mark them below)  How I will incorporate this stategy or skill into my life? Things I can do to make it easier for me to… Read More

Helpful Stress-Management Strategies

Outlook skills I recognize what I can change and what I can’t change. When I make mistakes, I remind myself that no one is perfect and then look at what I can learn so I don’t do it again. When I need to, I step away from a problem for a while to clear my… Read More

Disease Prevention Through Diet Modification

Eat 5 to 9 a day for better health “In fact, fruits and vegetables should be the foundation of a healthy diet. Most people need to double the amount of fruits and vegetables they eat every day. They are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and disease-fighting phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are usually related to color. Fruits… Read More


By Ann Webster, Ph.D. Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital Former Director of Mind/Body Medical Institute Harvard Medical School As the director of the Mind/Body Medicine Cancer Program, I have seen how hundreds of people cope with a diagnosis of cancer. Some respond to this challenge with remarkable resiliency, seeing an opportunity… Read More