Darrell Scott

Program 32 • 29 mins


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A father whose daughter died tragically at Columbine high school in Colorado, calls for “a chain reaction of compassion.” Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Scott—killed at Columbine in 1999, has learned to cope with the loss of his daughter to a senseless and violent act. Hear about the final days that they spent together, and Rachel’s writings that seemed to foretell her death. Scott, a deeply religious man, has transformed this tragedy into an opportunity for social change and spends most of his time speaking to public audiences about alienated children, like Dylan Harris and Eric Kliebold. He hopes to teach others that there are ways to avoid violence and to prevent tragedies like this in the future. Don’t miss this truly moving and thoughtful episode of Humankind.


  • How does a father cope with the loss of his seventeen-year-old daughter?
  • What events led up to the massacre at Columbine?
  • How did the teenagers desensitize themselves to killing their classmates?
  • How does a father forgive those who murdered his daughter?
  • How can we start a chain reaction of Kindness?

When you look at the writing she wrote, the things that she said, she had a sense that she was going to die young, but she had a sense that her life was going to have tremendous purpose and meaning.”

—Darrell Scott, founder of Columbine Redemption


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