JoBeth Walt

Program 38 • 29 mins


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In the 1980’s JoBeth Walt jumped into the water after realizing she was on fire from a boating accident. Now at a summer camp and at a hospital, she assists children who have been severely burned to come to terms with their accidents, the trauma of healing, and the self-acceptance they must find in a world that often judges by appearances. Her journey is a transformative one, and you will be as well after hearing about her recovery, her internal fight to remain faithful, and how the simple act of charity made her life so much more meaningful. This Humankind is a personal look at what we do when tragedy strikes and how we can flourish in spite of it.


  • What motivates one woman, who was badly burned, to work with young children who have been disfigured by fire?
  • What can burn victims do to heal both their bodies and their hearts?
  • What is your reaction when you see someone who has been burned by fire?
  • What are the special challenges for children who have been badly burned, and what can they gain by sharing their stories with other children who have had similar experiences?

I’m able to really see people for who they are and what they are able to give to this world rather than how they appear.”

—JoBeth Walt, burn victim and staff member at St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco


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