Road to Recovery

Program 79 • 29 mins


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Alcoholism is sometimes called an “equal opportunity disease” because virtually no sector of society is immune from problem drinking. Until the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935, many drunkards were written off as hopeless. But in powerful first-person accounts heard in this program, members of AA tell how the hard work of recovery has restored them to healthy lives. Although its activities are conducted quietly, Alcoholics Anonymous holds literally thousands of meetings daily. The sessions offer a haven of compassion for anyone trying to quit drinking. It’s now recognized almost universally by medical science and religions alike as a practical program for the willing.

There would be times that I can remember, now, when I’d say, well the only friend I’ve got in this world is this bottle. I can talk to this bottle and nobody gives me any flak, no trouble or anything.”

—Sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous


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