Humble Recovery

Program 13 • 29 mins


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How does addiction yield to a commitment to recovery? And how hard is it? In this episode, we explore the role of humility in healing and how it eases the uphill climb facing the addicted. The stories in this segment are poignant reminders that no matter the age, background, or personality, alcoholism and drug addiction can strike anyone, but, at the same time, the community and spirit behind recovery can help anyone. For those grappling with similar struggles and even for those without such maladies, the people interviewed in this show can offer powerful insight.


  • How is recovery from alcohol and drugs a truly humbling process and why is humility necessary for recovery?
  • What role can faith in a higher power play in freeing oneself of substance abuse?
  • Why do young people get involved with substance abuse, what are they often trying to get away from?

I didn’t know how to deal with feelings… every cell in my body wanted to drink and drug, but something inside me knew, and little by little, I was 30 days sober, then 60 days sober–to me that’s an absolute miracle–but I still had all these feelings, and I was forced to feel them. I didn’t have my crutch anymore. Probably for the next two months, I was crying every night… I had to surrender.”

—Eric, sober alcoholic and addict


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