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Narrated by award-winning actress Frances Shrand, these enchanting stories provide human lessons for “children of all ages.” By M.R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen. From the oral tradition of the great Sufi masters.


1a) Should the Lion Eat the Man? The humorous saga of a well-meaning—but naive—man who finds himself trapped by a hungry lion. It takes a sly fox to figure a way out.

1b) The Four Travelers from the Four Religions Our highly popular story about the folly of religious bigotry. We follow the journey of four wanderers who would rather harm themselves than give up their attachment to religious chauvinism.

2a) Why Man Has No Peace The tale of a most cranky fellow who, although granted an endless list of worldly wishes, still can’t be satisfied. The Cat and the Fox in the King’s Kitchen Stealing into the royal palace at night for scraps of food, a cat and a fox receive a good dinner—and then, due to indiscretion, a good thrashing.

2b) The Sufi and the Man of Wealth A parable about a man whose all-consuming fixation on material possessions finally leads to his ruin. Moses and the Man Who Wanted God A teacher of great accomplishment is admonished by God when he presumes to correct the devotions of a simple seeker.

3a) The King Who Wanted to Make Gold Fearing he may one day lose his kingdom, a monarch advertises for an alchemist to teach the science of making gold. When the alchemist arrives, the king ends up gaining something much more valuable.

3b) The Four Disciples and Their Four Wondrous Gifts Four men, disciples of a holy man, all vie for the hand of a beautiful maiden. Each is instructed to buy the most valuable object they can find in the world—to prove they are worthy. The objects they purchase carry magical powers that reflect the buyer’s own state.


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