Program 21 • 29 mins


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Follow PBS producer Bill Mosher, self-described “small-town guy,” as he travels from Africa to South America and beyond in pursuit of people and causes that instill peace, charity, and humanitarianism in our world’s most imperiled places. Humankind’s David Freudberg joins Mosher and asks him to reflect on what motivates people like Father Javier of Bogota, Columbia and Gladys Silvester of Haiti, as well as others who account for moving, extraordinary acts of kindness. What Mosher has learned from them and his own experiences prove a rare insight into the human condition and the unity of all peoples no matter what life struggle.


  • What are the benefits people receive from giving and how does giving change a person?
  • What is the simple joy of serving people in need?
  • How can it be that people who live in abject poverty are happy, while many others living in luxury are miserable?

That feeling that we’re all searching for isn’t about material wealth,about the acquisition of things. It’s about being connected with other human beings. That is the essence of humanity.”

—Bill Mosher, producer of the public television show “Visionaries”


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