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The Vegetable Chronicles[Program VC]
The Vegetable Chronicles

(Funded by the National Cancer Institute)
The American Cancer Society now recommends you "choose most of the foods you eat from plant sources."

Program 1
Weight of the Evidence
Listen to the evidence and history that convinced top health authorities to recommend this change in the way we eat. Find out how people are making -- and enjoying -- the lifestyle adjustments. (Approx. 1hour)

Program 2
Global Cuisine & A Conscious Choice
Discover delicious ways of eating in other cultures (including Italy, China and Mexico) that are linked with dramatic health benefits. Noodles with veggies, anyone? (Approx. 1hour)

Program 3
Easy, Quick, Delicious Ways To Eat Well
Fantastic chefs, including Deborah Madison and Martin Yan, reveal their shortcuts for easy ways to prepare truly scrumptious, filling vegetable-based meals. (Approx. 1hour)

Program 4
The National Fruits and Nuts Quiz Show
The National Fruits and Nuts Quiz Show is a fun way to test and increase your knowledge of food and health, with cartoonist Scott Adams, comedians Paula Poundstone and Phil Hartman and musician Richy Havens. (The Quiz is also available as a separate purchase.)

Total time: ~4 hours

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