Free Time Movement: Rabbi Waskow and Will O’Brien

Program 25 • 29 mins


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Overworking has become a cultural norm in Rabbi Arthur Waskow’s opinion. Waskow’s coalition “Free Time/Free People” is spearheaded by members of various faiths, and insists that a workable culture must actually work less, and a functional population functions best when there’s less to do. Today, he posits that we have become alienated from our lives because we continuously buy into the myth that success at work equals success as a person. A timely and persuasive philosophy, Waskow and his associates urge people to consider how life incorporates true meaning and whether we are doing our best to find meaning in the time we have on Earth. This program will prompt powerful questions that will lead to powerful and life-altering answers no matter what work you do.


  • How do overloaded schedules take a toll on our quality of life?
  • What price do we pay for working so hard?
  • How do we meet our need to pause and reflect in today’s fast-forward world?
  • What is the link between the absence of downtime and the social ills that plague our society?
  • How can we reprioritize our daily lives to have more free time?

You get advanced economically and patted on the head culturally and psychologically if you really, really overwork.”

—Rabbi Arthur Waskow, member of the Free Time/Free People Campaign


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