Program 24 • 29 mins


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Has life become more complicated, even less joyful for you? Has it been a while since you last sat down with someone to truly talk and listen? Do work and other obligations interfere with savoring your life’s time? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this episode of Humankind will speak to you. Spend a good half-hour listening to two individuals, Cecile Andrews and Duane Elgin, behind the simplicity movement, to normal men and women pursuing a simpler life and gradually achieving it. Hear these interesting words of wisdom from all our guests on what life can be about–a less complicated existence animated by inner joy.


  • What does it actually mean to simplify your life?
  • What is more important to you your money or your time?
  • Are we too preoccupied with obtaining possessions and status?
  • What influence do the media have on how we spend our money and our time?

We’re really led away from what we’re here for, which is to learn how to live sociably with others and soulfully with ourselves. And consumerism is relatively shallow and life is deep.”

—Duane Elgin, author of Voluntary Simplicity


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