Green Congregations

Program 113 • 29 mins


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Mark Twain has often been quoted as saying “Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it.” Now, a fascinating movement among religious congregations—liberals and conservatives starting to talk a lot about the weather. They focus on the global warming that most scientists believe is precipitating violent storms, extremes of temperature and other changes. And the congregations are coming together to do something about the causes of global warming. They call this movement Interfaith Power and Light, operating in more than twenty states. Reverend Sally Bingham and Steve MacAusland, among others, remind us?that we are all stewards of this planet, and as such, are morally obligated to keep it clean.

The climate change, global warming problem is a moral, spiritual issue and probably the most important one of today. And I think that because I think how we respond is going to define what it means to be human today.What are we leaving for the generations that come after us? What kind of people are we?”

—Rev. Sally Bingham


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