Modern Wisdom from an Ancient Sage

Program 12 • 29 mins


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Humankind ventures into the spiritual text of the Tao Te Ching, an ancient Chinese Wisdom Book that has guided philosophers, poets, and legions of ordinary people since its publication some 2500 years ago. The rich advice on leading a simpler life with greater meaning will prove to be a cool, restful drink in our frenzied and thirsting world. Stop for a minute, curl up on a chair or sofa, and meditate on this wonderfully calming and catalyzing episode of Humankind.


  • Who was Lao-Tsu and what can we learn from his philosophy?
  • How can Lao-Tsu’s Taoist teachings help us to understand the forces at work in our lives?
  • What role do possessions play in complicating our lives?
  • How can we find beauty and contentment everywhere?
  • How can we let go, and accept and learn from life’s difficulties?
  • How can we get closer to our higher selves?

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is wisdom.”

—Lao-Tsu in Tao Te Ching


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