YES! Camp

Program 18 • 29 mins


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 Go to the pristine countryside of Minnesota for an intriguing talk with some of the most hopeful and motivated young people today. YES! Camp, sponsored by Youth for Environmental Sanity, is a one-week gathering of young men and women who sound a call for action against the ravages of society on the environment. Hear their uplifting message and strategy for changeboth ecological and societalas roundtable discussions, dramatic performance, personal reflections, and heartfelt attitudes reveal a vigorous and conscious generation.


  • What can young people do to raise their voice for change and make a difference regarding the environment?
  • How does a young person stay true to their values and support causes that they feel are important, when society singles them out because they hold differing beliefs?
  • How do youth activists view today’s environmental problems and what solutions do they propose?
  • What role does community play in solving the problems that plague our environment?

This camp has made me realize that I can make a difference… and that unless people individually realize that they can make a difference, then work together, nothing’s going to happen– we can’t leave it to the government. It has to be us. And it has to be the youth. Because we are the future. And we have the most power. And we have the most optimism. And we have the most energy to go out and do it.”

—Amy Gregory, Yes camper


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