Mothers Out Front

Program 234 • 29 mins


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While sometimes presented in terms of “kilowatt-hours” and “parts per million”, the challenge of climate change is profoundly personal and is projected to affect all of our lives. And the scenarios range from food shortages to public health crises to emergency management in the wake of natural disasters. Some greenhouse gases—once released into the atmosphere—remain there for centuries. That implies they’re now baked into our climate system for the foreseeable future. So regrettably, some of the disruption and harmful effects on people may be unstoppable. But scientists say there remains a window—although a rapidly narrowing one—in which the problem can be meaningfully curtailed. Here we profile an emerging citizens movement, Mothers Out Front, who strive to cut their own carbon footprint, as well that of the communities where they live. And their mode of organizing: throw house parties!

I had an experience with one of my children a few years ago when I was tucking him into bed one night, and he said out of the blue to me, ‘Mommy, what’s going to happen to me when you die? Who’s going to take care of me?’ And I tucked him into bed, and I said, ‘Honey, I’m not going to let anything happen to you. I promise’ And in those quiet moments when he fell asleep, I thought about his future, as all parents do.”

—Beth Adams, member of Mothers Out Front


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