Kindred Spirits Volume 4: SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS

Program KS4 • 6 hrs


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Program 1a) HELPING HANDS. A thought-provoking essay about individuals who are moved to perform charitable acts. Is this serving God? Is it hard to perform such service selflessly without condescendsion? What blessings and lessons does the “giver” receive?

Program 1b) A SCHOOL FOR COMPASSION. Stewart Brand, founder and publisher of “The Whole Earth” catalogue, sets forth the vision behind his “school for compassionate skills” designed to teach the fine art of “uncommon courtesy” and being a “do-gooder.”

Program 2a) THE QUAKER CONSCIENCE. A documentary about the social and political witness offered by members of the Society of Friends. This segment expands on themes covered in “A Living Silence” (Kindred Spirits Volume 1). Here Friends discuss pacifism and social equality.

Program 2b) MARTIN LUTHER KING’S SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. A look at the link between spiritual consciousness and social conscience. Rev. John Cartwright unravels Dr. King’s personal quest for God — a crucial dimension of the slain civil rights leader that is rarely discussed.

Program 3a) SPIRITUAL LESSONS FROM FAMILY LIFE. Ernie Boyer Jr., author of “A Way in the World: Family Life as Spiritual Discipline,” along with his wife Pam discuss how intimacy with God can be found during ordinary moments of caring for a child.

Program 3b) THE WORLD CORE CURRICULUM. An eye-opening proposal for truly “global education” is advanced by UN Assistant Secretary General Robert Muller. He highlights a new curriculum which teaches children about the many branches of our international human family.

Program 4a/b) CHILDREN OF ONE FAMILY. If you are concerned with the need for more racial and religious harmony, this Program will offer some hope. Beth Rodgers describes her fascinating experiences in strife-torn Northern Ireland working to join Catholic and Protestant children whose parents are so often at odds. On Part B, the President of the National Conference of Christians and Jews, Dr. Jacqueline Wexler, reports on activities by the “brotherhood” group to help divergent community leaders find common ground on racial quotas and school prayer.

Program 5a) THE OPENING OF A MOSQUE. A presentation of interviews recorded at the dedication ceremonies of a mosque constructed by a small Islamic community in Pennsylvania. The event’s profoundly human meaning will inspire listeners of all backgrounds.

Program 5b) BUSINESS ETHICS. Enlarging upon ideas covered in “The Corporate Conscience”, the always-provocative J. Irwin Miller describes values that have guided him as both Chairman of a Fortune 500 firm (Cummins Engine) and President of the National Council of Churches.

Program 6a/b) ON REACHING AGREEMENT. Here are two contemporary approaches to the essential human task of building unity and understanding. Harvard Law Professor Roger Fisher brilliantly outlines ways of thinking through disputes so as to find acceptable compromises. On Part B, a look at decision-making among Quakers who follow neither “majority rules” nor even consensus if it comes from merely “splitting the difference” between opposing ideas. Rather, they seek to reflect deeply enough to discover “God’s will” in each case.


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