Children’s Advocate Jonathan Kozol

Program 27 • 29 mins


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National Book Award-winner and spirited activist Jonathan Kozol gets personal and reflective with David Freudberg in this hard-hitting, resonant episode of Humankind. Unique, powerful, and committed, Kozol has been a longtime defender of poor children, school reform, and the power of young people in the face of harrowing odds. In this half-hour, he traces his career from the angry young man to a seasoned observer who finds reasons for hope even in adverse conditions. Still zealous, Kozol prompts questions every parent will feel deeply, every listener will want to discuss, and all of us should ask ourselves.


  • How does living in poverty hurt a child?
  • What, in fact, are the causes of poverty?
  • How can teachers avoid burnout working with impoverished children?
  • How does the quality of a child’s education determine his or her future?

I’d like to see the day when we do for every child what we would do for our own.”

—Jonathan Kozol, author and activist for children’s rights


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