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Stress Reduction 3-CD Set
Stress Reduction 3-CD Set

Hear these wise experts on reducing the effects of stress:

CD 1 Relaxed Focus with David Allen: How can we deal with the modern sense of feeling overloaded? It is emerging as a broad social problem that takes its toll on both worklife and homelife -- and can impinge on our ability to function with personal clarity. (one hour)

CD 2 Loretta LaRoche: Using a unique blend of stand-up comedy and stress management advice, this wonderful teacher cautions us not to "catastrophize" and "awfulize" especially when conditions are not all that extreme anyway. (half-hour)

CD 2, 2nd half-hour Also includes The Relaxation Response: Hear renowned Harvard Medical School professor Herbert Benson, MD explain simple, medically-proven relaxation techniques to help you ease the effects of daily stress. Learn how patients have used these techniques to reduce chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue and other stress-related conditions. (half-hour)

CD 3 The Present Moment with Jon Kabat-Zinn: The medical researcher, meditation teacher and best-selling author discusses a powerful-yet-simple meditative technique known as "mindfulness." The essence of this practice is to focus only on the present moment -- lifting from us the enormous burden of worrying about the past or future. This audio program tells how. (one hour)

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